We start this ultimate beginners training course to introduces technicians to the classic 1:1 technique.

This course was developed to teach you everything that you need to know about the art of eyelash extensions. It is so important to choose the right beginners course because this training will establish the basic foundation you need in order to become a successful lash artist.

After mastering the classic lash application. We teach proper Russian Volume, no premades here!

During this training, you will learn the volume technique which is the most efficient way to make and apply fluffy, full fans that your clients will LOVE! 

Volume extensions involve hand-making fans from as small as 3 lashes in a fan (3D) to 15 lashes in a fan (15D), whereas classic application is applying one extension to the natural lash. Volume application takes longer than classic application as it involves an advanced level of skill, therefore you can charge your clients more than you usually would. Plus, everyone who tries volume becomes addicted so get ready to earn more $ and see your client base grow faster than it ever has before.




full lash kit included ($300 value)

styling and mapping

adhesive and retention

proper lash application

booking and keeping clientele 

social media and marketing

allergies and irritations

volume technique

lash removal techniques 

* lifetime mentoring